The Option for Traditional Memorials

Saying goodbye to someone can be hard, but their memory will continue to live on in the minds of those they influenced. A traditional memorial can be created and placed in the cemetery at the individual’s resting place. These memorials may have text or pictures in order to tell the world a bit about the person and their life.

Whether a simple quote or a few lines of text are written on the memorial, this can be a great way to pay tribute to a loved one. While nothing can alleviate the pain associated with losing someone you care about, a memorial is something that many people use to say goodbye.

Options for traditional memorials can include:

Memorial Markers:

These memorials are one of the most common options available. They can be as simple or as elaborate as necessary and can help to decorate the individual’s final resting place.


This is a free-standing building which houses burial chambers or crypts. These above-ground options serve as an alternative to below-ground burial. 

Family Estates:

A memorial may also be set up at a burial side within a private family estate. 

The Option for Digital Memorials

With the digital age has come new options for paying tribute to a loved one and honoring their memory. A digital tribute is a media package which contains photos, text, music, and other things designed to tell the world about a loved one and their life.  Digital memorials can be used to mention special characteristics about a person who has passed on. Whether your loved one had a favorite book, a favorite type of music, or even other special characteristics that you want to be remembered, a digital memorial can commemorate these unique characteristics in a loving and thoughtful manner. 


The advantages of digital memorial include:


A digital memorial can help pay tribute to your loved one in a cost-efficient manner without cheapening the sincerity associated with it.

Ease of Distribution:

A digital memorial can be easily shared with loved ones or family. 

More Options for Personalization:

These memorials can be personalized to a significant degree to truly commemorate your loved one.